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Welcome to Appleton Properties

Specializing in Las Vegas residential, multi-family, custom homes, commercial and gaming resort hotels, Appleton Properties is recognized as a leader in the industry. Appleton Properties is one of the most prominent and successful privately owned Real Estate Investment Companies in Las Vegas. Their projects consistently meet budgets and schedules while exceeding the expectations of their clients. Their team of highly-qualified professionals are dedicated to providing their clients with unsurpassed service.

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  • Appleton the industry leader

    Welcome to Appleton Properties, the industry leader in Nevada’s commercial and residential real-estate, as well as in gaming resort hotels.

    We possess Las Vegas homes for sale, from residential units to multi-family homes and custom homes. Search our vast inventory of properties to find out why we remain one of the top players in the real estate industry in Las Vegas.

    Appleton Real Estate can also be your preferred partner in any commercial real estate transaction. Do you want to buy a hotel? A commercial space? An Apartment Complex? Do you intend to open a restaurant or do you search for retail space?

    Appleton Real Estate has the right connections and industry expertise to assist you along the way, making sure you don’t lose money and that you purchase your dream property.

  • Appleton Capabilities

    Our capabilities are varied, and we help clients meet several goals, including:

    1) Building Las Vegas custom homes

    2) Building commercial real estate or buying property on behalf of our clients,

    3) Accompany individual buyers in real estate transactions through Appleton Real Estate

    4) Purchase properties in locations that are economically strategic

    5) Connect buyer and seller on specific transactions

    6) Invest in gaming resort hotels in a principal capacity, but also on behalf of clients.

    Appleton Real Estate also implements multiple strategies to jump-start a client’s effort in various transactions, related to commercial real estate, residential real estate or gaming resort hotel.
    In the past few years, we’ve gradually shifted more of our approach to online marketing – a move that enabled us to cast a wider net and cater to a large customer base.

  • Appleton Expertise

    For more than three decades, we have used our expertise and insight to cultivate ties with the real estate industry in Las Vegas – and our successful track record is here to show our resilience and strategic vision.

    Appleton Real Estate is your go-to partner for structuring and engaging in real estate transactions that increase your cash flows, expand your existing property portfolio, and propose transactional strategies that make fiscal sense.

    Our teams of highly specialized real estate professionals will listen to your needs address your concerns and prepare an investment plan in accordance with your goal, risk tolerance and diversification mandate.

    Through our immersive program we go beyond a typical meet-and-great with clients to stay in constant touch before, during and after a transaction closes.

    Take a look at our Development portfolio and Investment program, and call us today to find more about our investment approach and how we’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their objectives in the past several years.