Appleton Properties – Commercial Real Estate

Appleton Properties – Commercial Real Estate

Appleton Properties is a premier commercial real estate investment company that aims to offer investors superior returns on all transactions, as well as steady cash flows over the long term.

We have a specialized team of professionals who understand the subtleties of Las Vegas’ commercial real estate market – one of the top property markets in the country. We serve investors of all stripes and risk profiles, putting into place effective strategies across multiple asset classes – be they gaming resort hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, retail facility and office space.

We will help you review the hot Las Vegas property market, providing you with expert guidance on everything about commercial real estate, commercial real estate for sale, and commercial real estate listings.

We cover all angles of a typical commercial real estate transaction, from builder to purchaser to seller to investor. For more than 20 years, we have built, or partnered with other parties to build, luxurious commercial properties featuring state-of-the-art amenities and situated in prime locales. We also have purchased commercial real estate, either from private parties – such as banks, insurance companies and other lenders – or from government authorities.

Our expertise in selling commercial real estate is unparalleled in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to handling commercial real estate for sale and commercial real estate listings. Appleton Properties’ experts have coordinated multiple transactions on behalf of clients as diverse as private investors, wealth managers, endowment administrators, asset managers and other parties seeking steady returns in a stable economic environment.

Appleton Properties also engages in certain transactions on a principal basis, investing alongside other partners when the opportunity is right – and the timing perfect.

Explore our existing portfolio of products and services and let us know how we can help you embark on the exciting, profitable Las Vegas commercial real estate bandwagon. Our team stands ready to answer your questions, walk you through our investment approach, explain the nuances of Las Vegas commercial real estate, and figure out which strategies are best for you – or your organization.

We have the expertise, local connections and resources to turn your dream of owning prime commercial real estate into reality. Depending on your investment objectives and net worth, we also can provide guidance in all matters of financing by introducing you to the appropriate financial institutions.

Reach out to our team of professionals, and let us tell you why Las Vegas right now is the place to be for commercial real estate, commercial real estate for sale, and commercial real estate listings.

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