Appleton Properties – Custom Homes

Appleton Properties – Custom Homes

Have you ever dreamt of owning a custom home in Southern Nevada, in a pristine environment, at an affordable price? If you answered “yes,” then Appleton Properties is your partner of choice.

For more than 20 years, Appleton Properties has been at the forefront of the luxury residential real estate market in Las Vegas, selling custom homes, multi-million dollar homes and custom luxury homes to hundreds of clients.

Let us help you make your dream of owning upscale real estate a reality. We possess the talent, financial resources and connections to create architectural wonders that will impress you – and your family. We believe in building properties that are affordable and intended for a diverse base of clients, from private investors to retirees to mature households to young couples – even Hollywood stars, who would like to have a second or third (or fourth) home in a pristine vicinity of Southern Nevada, minutes away from the Strip, right inside the Entertainment Capital of the World.

We construct houses that continually wow our clients because our engineers, architects and internal designers work tirelessly to determine the best structural templates that suit the local environment, legal restrictions and customers’ needs. Our army of dedicated suppliers and subcontractors also play a key role in making sure we have the right equipment and strategy in place to meet clients’ diverse, often challenging, needs.

Contact us today, and let us show you the beauty and variety of the custom, high-end houses we’re building for our clients, year in and year out. Let us walk you through our hodgepodge of architectural patterns, including French Mediterranean, Tuscan, Desert Contemporary and Traditional Style.

Our luxury house plans mesh style with size into a unique design, breathing life into your innermost dream-house aspirations. Come and sift through our portfolio of special designs; we are sure you’ll find something special in these designs, which might prompt you to start a long, promising journey with us.

Speculative Homes

To seize market opportunities and serve an ever-expanding clientele, Appleton Properties occasionally builds and sells unordered properties. These are typically turnkey houses that were built with no specific customer segment in mind, but to take advantage of emerging trends in the market. We are very satisfied with the profitable transactions we’ve closed in the speculative property selling market, as well as the increasing returns we’ve created for ourselves and our investing partners – such as local banking institutions, insurance managers and other specialized mortgage lenders.

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